Jezebel’s, Anaheim, CA


Mike Bonaventura – Guitars
Tim “Skelly” Cason – Bass / Lead Vocal
Jim Houle – Drums
Todd May – Guitars


Mars Intro

Poetic Coersion
Bearing The Cross
Passive Religion
Criminal Dementia
False Authority
Judicial Overkill
Lethal Deception
Living In Fear

Technical note: The camera operator only captured the last half of "Crabs!" - apparently they had turned the camera off before we came out again for one more.
For various reasons we had avoided playing Jezebels for a long time. This was our first time back there since 1988, and was Skelly's first time ever.
The video really captures the energy-level at the time - the band had really become a tight unit and we were writing a lot of new material including "Poetic Coersion", "Judicial Overkill" and "Criminal Dementia" which sort of a departure from the "always fast" setlist and was the only lyric contribution I had made since "Bearing The Cross" in 1988. Also, the encores of "Living In Fear" and "Crabs!" were spontaneous - good times!

To me, this era was the pinnacle of evolution for ATTAXE. (Ironically, this was also the poorest economic period in my life!)

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