Lethal Deception EP Demo
24 Track Studio Recording
Recorded at Selah Studios in Westminster, CA

Produced by ATTAXE, Engineered & Mixed by Dave Gehlahr

Mike Bonaventura – Guitars
Tim “Skelly” Cason – Bass / Lead Vocal
Jim Houle – Drums
Todd May – Guitars


Living In Fear
False Authority
Lethal Deception
Bearing The Cross

ATTAXE-Lethal Deception EP (1990) by Attaxe

The spoken part at the beginning of "Lethal Deception" was our Austrian friend Sabi (Eva's ex-husband) speaking the chorus lyric in German.

Selah Studio was in the owner/engineer's house at that time. He was a very nice guy and a good sound engineer but apparently ultra christian. (His family was a bit freaked out by us!)

"Living in Fear" was primarily written by Mike from what I recall. "False Authority" was more of a group collaboration, though the bulk was also written by Mike. "Lethal Deception" was written in the summer of 1989. The main verse riff was actually a re-working of the middle part of our old song "Witch Hunt". I wrote the bass intro with Skelly's style in mind. Skelly had written the lyrics about communisim and the Berlin Wall which foreshadowed it's eventual fall in autumn 1989. "Bearing The Cross" had been around for awhile (it was written in 1988) and was one of the songs aborted during the "Displaced" sessions. Skelly added the "megaphone chant" lyrics to the middle part.

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