Morty’s, San Francisco, CA


Mike Bonaventura – Guitars
Tim “Skelly” Cason – Bass / Lead Vocal
Jim Houle – Drums
Todd May – Guitars

Song: Passive (Partial)

This was the second gig on our “Bay Area Barrage”. Honestly, I didn’t have any clue what this place was so when we arrived and saw the sign “Family Style Italian Restaurant” I was a little let down. But the gig turned out to be a cool place to play and I have since found out what a historical gem this place was – so I’m glad we played here. Across the street from “The Stone” in the seedy red light district – lot’s of kooky sights here! We had a blast at this one!

The video clip is unfortunately cut short midway through our first song “Passive” due to someone inadvertantly recording over the show – word of advice: never leave the tape in the camcorder while the band and crew are messing around killing time and playing jokes with the video camera - Oops.

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