Venice Beach Pier, CA

We did a video segment that was included on issue #1 of the video mag "Tales From The Pit". This was some good times!
Jerry Allen did an video "interview" with us underneath the Venice Beach Pier synced to a live soundboard recording of "Living In Fear" shot at Hollywood Live on June 12, 1990, which was edited together with some of the footage from the "Displaced Promo Video".
According to Jerry "we used the live audio because the studio recording of "Living In Fear" had not been completed yet".
Here is a recent review from Jerry Allen: "Attaxe (this line up) was definitely our favorite unsigned band from back in the day. Although a SOCAL band, they sounded more like Bay Area Thrash in the same league as Vio-lence and Testament. These guys should have been huge in our opinion. We still play their Lethal Deception demo to this day. Skelly was definitely one of the best frontmen we've seen. Too bad this band didn't do more. The video we filmed was for Tales From The Pit #1. It was recorded shortly before the band's "Lethal Deception" demo came out. The audio is from a live Hollywood metal show and is a mono board recording. Even with it's limitations, the live audio shows what a vicious band they were out of the studio. I prefer this live version of "Living in Fear" over the polished demo version. It's way more raw and ripping. Would love to see a reunion."
Check out many more of Jerry's videos on youtube at: http://www.youtube.com/user/TalesfromthePit

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