Displaced PROMO Video

Mike Bonaventura – Guitars
Tim “Skelly” Cason – Bass / Lead Vocal
Jim Houle – Drums
Todd May – Guitars

** Jeff Manino played bass on the studio recording of the "Displaced EP Demo", however he does not appear in the video.

Song List: (Same as Displaced EP Demo)

Technical note: The only copy of this I can find has a couple video glitches and the audio is trashed on "Passive". When I find a better copy I'll fix this.

(PLAY) Cost of Life
(PLAY) Passive Religion / Displaced / Crabs!

I had a friend who was a budding videogapher/director who offered to do a video project to promote the band and the Displaced EP demo. We setup a special show at a soundstage in La Puente, CA, invited all our friends and fans and Trent set up several cameras to capture some live footage for the video. We just played our normal setlist and had a great time with it. Later we did some close-ups back at our rehearsal studio syncing to the previously recorded songs. Trent did all of the camera work on this and I did the editing which took a long time of pouring over hours of video to find the “good” stuff and try to make it match somehow. Not many people have ever seen this as it was never distributed beyond a few promoters. The clips between songs were added after the video had been completed and it’s clear that some footage was from the Bay Area road trip.

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