Jezebel's, Anaheim, CA

This was our last gig with Skelly. Those that were there that night know the details - I won't include them here. It was a bad night for the band and for the next couple months I didn't know what we were going to do. By the summer of 1992 I had decided to leave the band. I was literally broke and had a business opportunity that was too good to pass up at the time. I remember feeling so burned out on playing that I did not touch a guitar for more than a year after leaving the band.

Although this was my last gig playing with ATTAXE, the band continued on without me for a couple of years so the story would not be complete without including the details.

Our recording of "False Authority" was finally released late in 1992 on a compilation album put out by PMRC records called "Banned In L.A./Mosh On Fire".

Mike and Jim brought in Swen Raulfs on vocals and Jason on bass and played 2 shows (flyers below). A record deal was in the works with Dr. Dream/PMRC records, but never materialized. ATTAXE officially folded in 1995.

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