"Displaced" EP Demo
12 Track Digital Studio Recording
Recorded at Homeboy Studios in Van Nuys, CA
Produced by ATTAXE, Engineered & Mixed by Tim Young.

Mike Bonaventura – Guitars (Lead vocal/bass on "Crabs!")
Tim “Skelly” Cason – Lead Vocals (except "Crabs!")
Jim Houle – Drums
Jeff Manino - Bass (except "Crabs!)
Todd May – Guitars


Cost of Life

ATTAXE-Displaced EP (1989) by Attaxe

Homeboy Studio was this cool little studio with an Akai 12-track digital tape machine in a converted garage in Van Nuys at the home of Tim "Punchmaster T" Young. We recorded over Memorial Day weekend and the first weekend in June. I remember that Tim's roommate was drummer "Bobby Rock" (credited as "Charles" on the liner notes?). He helped Jim with some drum tuning things and hung around listening to our session.

(Digital recording was still somewhat "new" technology then and we had some tracking problems with the AKAI machine and had to abort the recording of at least one song, maybe more. "Bearing The Cross" was one of them as it was certainly written before all of the others and may have been the first song attempted in the session. It would eventually be recorded on the next demo)

The lyrics/liner notes were hand-lettered by "Johnny Ray" Fossum.

Song background:

The music for "Cost of Life" had been written in 1988 - I remember playing it for sound checks in Texas. Skelly wrote the lyrics based on a bad experience in Texas after our "mini tour" but before he joined ATTAXE. "Passive" had also been mostly written in 1988 and Rob Perkins had written some lyrics to it which were abandoned - Skelly wrote a completely different melody and lyrics and it became one of my favorites of his lyric writing. "Displaced" was mostly Mike (from what I remember) - I think he wrote the lyrics too. "Crabs!" was something Mike used to mess around with as a joke. Because we had to abort some of the other songs we decided on the last day in the studio he should record it - so Jim and Mike worked out a basic arrangement and recorded it live. Mike sang the vocal and played both guitar and bass. Everything was done in one take. This one was always requested - I think we played it live a couple times.

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