The Rock Zone, Houston, TX

Mike Bonaventura – Guitars
Jim Houle – Drums
Todd May – Guitars
Rob Perkins - Vocals
Gary Sebourn – Bass


In the summer of 1988 we joined Tim Cason's band "Steel Fury" for some shows in Texas and Oklahoma - a "mini-tour" which we nicknamed the "Bleeding Never Stops" tour after the slogan on the back of our t-shirts designed by Mike Berger. We crashed at John Fossum's house in Houston for a few days, then headed north to Oklahoma staying in the cheapest motels we could find, always piling into just 1 room. I remember running very low on cash in Houston and buying $1 Big Macs for several meals.

++ Special thanks to Carcass John Fossum for some of these photos.

The Texas "Bleeding Never Stops" tour on eastbound I-10 somewhere near Blythe, CA left to right: Todd May, Joey Smith, Scott Blaufuss, Jim Houle, Rob Perkins, Mike Bonaventura and Gary Sebourn.

It was while in Texas that Tim Cason got the name "Skelly" - actually "Skelly Hobo" because he was skinny and poor! (I think the name came from “Biscuit” Brian one of the guitarists in Steel Fury.)

Skelly with Steel Fury in Houston. His trademark "low mic" had not yet been developed.

Typical pre-show warm-up.

This was also the site of the infamous(?) "chair mosh"!

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