Jezebel's, Anaheim, CA
KNAC Radio Metal Show


Mike Bonaventura – Guitars
Jim Houle – Drums
Todd May – Guitars
Gary Sebourn – Bass
Mike White - Vocals


SDI (Death From Above)
Fortune Hunters
Sound The Alarm
Sands of Time
Sea Rovers
Die By The Sword
Primal Screamer
Fear The Fire
Whiplash (Metallica cover)

This was a special "KNAC Night" metal show (KNAC radio personality Tawn Mastery makes the band introductions) and was one of our first shows at Jezebel's. Our "Iron Maiden" influence shows in our songs at this time, but the opener "SDI" was the beginning of heavier things to come. There's a lot of rambling between songs, and some silly props used, but we were having so much fun it didn't matter at the time I guess.

It's interesting to note that we were on stage for nearly an hour counting the extremely long intro which, if I remember correctly, was an excerpt from the bomb scene in the Stanley Kubrick movie "Dr. Strangelove" which we only used this one time. I think this is probably the longest time on stage we ever had! After this show we started using the music of "Mars" from Gustov Holst's "The Planets" as an intro, which was much shorter and more effective.

Song background: "Asylum" & "Fear the Fire" were the original songs Jim and I had when the band was formed. "Fortune Hunters", "Sea Rovers", "Sound the Alarm" and "Sands of Time" were written fairly quickly - some may have been written before Mike White joined the band. "SDI" was me and Mike B.: I wrote the intro, verse and chorus and Mike wrote the middle break with the awesome solo. I wrote the lyrics to all of these (some of which seem a little silly now). "Bloodbath" & "Die by the Sword" were Gary's songs and his lyrics. "Primal Screamer" was the first true band collaboration - Mike White wrote the lyrics to this one.

++ Thanks to Gary Sebourn for sending me this video. Cheers!

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