Jezebel's, Anaheim, CA
Opening for Armored Saint and Malice

I don't know the exact date of this show but I'm pretty sure it was near the end of May 1987 (Armored Saint and Malice played at De Anza Theater in Riverside at the end of May, and at The Stone in S.F. on June 2, 1987).

Armored Saint were one of our idols and opening for them was an honor as well as a big step up for us. It was maybe our second time playing Jezebel's so it was a big opportunity. (It was from the success of this show that we were offered the opening spot on the Anthrax/Metal Church/Testament show in July.)

I remember the guys in Armored Saint were very cool - they stopped for this photo right after their sound check and before we went on stage. I recall seeing Dave Prichard watching our set and he gave us some kind words afterward.

Pictured left to right: Dave Prichard (R.I.P.), Gonzo (back), Mike Bonaventura (front), Todd May, Jim Houle, Joey Vera and Gary Sebourn.
Thanks to Mike B. for the photo.

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