Joshua's Parlour, Westminster, CA
Opening for Meliah Rage.


Mike Bonaventura – Guitars (Lead vocal on Whiplash)
Jim Houle – Drums
Todd May – Guitars
Rob Perkins - Vocals (except on Whiplash)
Gary Sebourn – Bass


Lets' Play Dead (partial)
Justice of the Peace
Eye for an Eye
Bearing The Cross
SDI (Death From Above)
On Earth As It Is In Hell
Preach Violence
Submit or Die!
Whiplash (Metallica cover)

This is the only known live video with this band lineup.

I had forgotten about the song "On Earth As It Is In Hell" - it was one of the few songs written while Rob Perkins was in the band. Many riffs from this song were later cannibalized and would show up in "Living In Fear", "False Authority" and "Beckon Forever".

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