Skelly had been a bassist/vocalist in his old band and he had been writing and playing bass in our rehearsals. He was not as comfortable on stage being just a vocalist and suggested that he take over on bass, which we knew he was very capable of. He was an excellent bass player and, although it wasn't our original intention when he joined the band as vocalist, we decided it just made sense to have Skelly take over the role of bassist from Jeff. We had always been a 5 piece band up to that point, but looking back it made us a much tighter unit to be a 4 piece, and Skelly's aggressive bass playing style added something to our sound that took us to a different level. I recall that he made the transition very easily - rehearsing the set 4 or 5 times before playing our first show as a 4 piece at the The Marquee (formerly Joshua's parlor) in Westminster.

At the same time things were motion with our new "manager" Eva in the Bay area and shows were being planned. We needed new press kits, so some new photos were taken, again on the roof of the rehearsal studio, and shot by Jim's brother Steve Houle. These were never used because of background quality issues - and too much wind.

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